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Key novelty

To realize the grand challenges of precision medicine in the next decade we will have to lift medical imaging to a new era of physics-driven functional deep imaging. By including the physics and the related mathematical inverse problems we utilize all data and we circumvent the present black box approach.

Education and innovation

We believe that it is highly important to evaluate the developed technology in a realistic clinical environment to truly achieve clinical translation and innovation. This will be facilitated by our close collaboration with fundamental scientists, translational researchers and clinicians from our partner medical centers.

Vitality and sustainability

We envisage that in a decade the program will have contributed to establishing (i) accurate, early and differential diagnosis, (ii) improved and personalized risk stratification, and (iii) fast precision diagnostics for therapy selection in the acute disease stages, leading to decreased morbidity and mortality.

Program: Research

Research tracks

This program defines seven new research tracks to integrate functional imaging techniques across the various scales and makes deep machine-learning techniques ready for patient-specific medicine with a high degree of precision. The wide palette of research tracks is summarized as follows.

Program: Text
Program: Pro Gallery
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